The Return of RBZ

by Ribbons

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released October 2, 2012

Recorded August 2012 at 1828 St. Patrick st. & Creedmoor Studios
All songs/Instruments & Lyrics written and performed by Matt Kiefer
Except Piano on 'Young at Heart,' Performed by Rick Keefer
'Light Seeker' ft. Satan
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Matt Kiefer & Rick Keefer at Creedmoor Studios
Artwork layout and Design by Mr. Jinkies
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Facebook: Ribbons / RibbonsMakeMusic



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Ribbons Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Return of RBZ
Fall from a tree like I was a bird
There's a little dirt under my wings I want to sell
I hear the dogs bark
Stereo Savior
Where are you? Ill Kill for you

They say Freedumb Is fought for...
I dont question their motives
Its all or nothing
If you want to live, then roll the dice

I did it on my own
I didnt take their advice
Now Ive got some new scars to brag about
Negotiate with devils and heroes and thieves all die the same

Ive been everywhere Ive ever wanted to go
Been to the Carolina's, Ive been to San Francisco
I fell in love in the key of Nashville
I miss you-
I got stoned in Kansas and tattooed in Texas
I met a wizard in Denver, its really nice there
Chicagos cool but my heart is Vegas forever
I miss you-
The Georgia Guidestones...I couldnt stop laughing
I got caught in the rain with no umbrella in the streets of Seattle
I miss you-
I saw Clint in Phoenix and Dan Garcia in LA
me and my brothers drinking the nights away...
Track Name: Light Seeker
I saw the flame and I drove straight into it
Speak of the devil and he shall appear
With his bags packed...His face in a handkerchief
I drank the stars up
He called for me but i was drunk
Flying around Finding my self
Earning my own so I said fuck him

Just as I have, you will come to be
a stranger seeking light, with blood and dirt in your teeth

Are you the north star? Whats your sacrifice?
Father wheres your faith, dont your eyes see the rhymes?
No surprise...

Crucify me
Ill crucify you
The Colors of Magic
We dont fear you
The Colors we are
The Fire under our flesh that makes us all move
The brandy on my tongue that breaks my knees and spills my guts

Believe in me because I give you all that I am

Now im gone and Ill see you around
If its evil they will name us then Evil we are and so what...
Judas I know what you've done
Dont come around here no more
Snoop around for a lump sum
Dont come around here no more
I wont come around here no more...
Track Name: Young at Heart
My secrets run around town
so at night I pray the lord my soul to take
Chewing on the strings of my hoody
Laughing all the way to the blood bank
Tell me why is love always an itch inside her?
Im just playing the cards she deals
I guess you get the bees with the honey
they're stinging my mouth up but my hammer wasnt ready to pull

My big wheel wont slow down
Its the color in your iris
Its the way you tell me that you dont understand me at all
Its your kiss that Im obsessed with

The sweetest things I want to say...
Words i stole from a poem you never read
Chords I found out about from a song you never heard
The lies I told that you never found out about

My big wheel wont slow down
Its the fire in your iris
I hate how you keep me stuck on your vine...You're always stuck on my mind

When Im alone I sit and wonder...Who you are...
When Im alone I sit and ponder...Where you go and who you do..
Tell me who else have you killed?
You're all the things Ive ever wanted all in one breath
My palms are open to yours..
I take you there my friend wherever you want to go
Ill take you where you want to go...

Im alone again in my head, walking home from your house
I missed the bus because I needed one more kiss
You taste like the smell after it rains...
I dont care who you used to be, I know well enough who you are now to make what would be my greatest mistake of falling in _______